Nans Thomassey Compagne

  • July 12, 2023

Nans Thomassey Compagne: Introduction

In the world of travel and documentary filmmaking, Nans Thomassey is a well-known figure. With his unique style and adventurous spirit, Nans has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Whether he’s exploring new destinations or delving into personal stories, Nans’s work inspires and educates.

Nans Thomassey Compagne
Nans Thomassey Compagne

Nans Thomassey, réalisateur et voyageur

As a filmmaker, Nans Thomassey has a talent for bringing stories to life. He has co-directed and co-produced the popular documentary series “Nus et culottés” (Naked and Fearless) alongside Guillaume Mouton, also known as Mouts. The show follows the duo as they embark on epic adventures, traveling with no money, no clothes, and relying on the kindness of strangers along the way. This unique concept has captivated audiences and earned the show a dedicated fan base.

Through “Nus et culottés,” Nans has shown a deeper side of travel, emphasizing the importance of human connections and the beauty of embracing vulnerability. The show’s success can be attributed to Nans and Mouts’ ability to create authentic, heartwarming moments and highlight the kindness and generosity of people they encounter on their journeys.

Qui est Nans Thomassey ?

So, who is Nans Thomassey behind the camera? Nans was born on April 26, 1986, in Grenoble, France. He developed a passion for travel and exploration from a young age, inspired by the solidarity he witnessed after a fire destroyed his family home. This experience sparked a belief in the power of the unknown and a desire to venture into the world with an open heart.

Nans’s journey into filmmaking and travel began during his student years when he discovered the joy of hitchhiking and the intimate connections it fostered. He went on to explore various alternative travel methods, including spontaneous homestays and even traveling without money in freezing temperatures in Quebec.

Back in France, Nans co-authored a practical guide on alternative travel, published by Lonely Planet, and felt the need to incorporate these principles into his own life. He wanted to invite the spirit of adventure, surprise, and contemplation into his everyday experiences. This desire led to the creation of “Nus et culottés” and his ongoing mission to reveal the beauty of life and the connections between people and nature.

To continue reading about Nans Thomassey’s inspiring journeys and his impact on the travel and filmmaking industry, check out his official website and his work on France 5. Nans’s approach to travel and storytelling challenges conventional norms and reminds us of the importance of embracing the unknown.

II. Amande and Nans

Meeting Amande, Nans’ Friend

Amande is a young woman who has experienced the heartbreaking loss of her one-year-old son, Gaspar. Overwhelmed by grief, she sought solace in the company of her friend, Nans Thomassey. Nans, known for his work as a director on the television show “Nus et Culottés” aired on France 5, became a pillar of support for Amande during this difficult time. Their deep friendship eventually led them to embark on a unique and transformative journey together.

Amande’s Journey of Healing After the Loss of Her Son, Gaspar

After the funeral of her son, Gaspar, Amande found herself consumed by a void that seemed impossible to escape. Determined to find a way to heal and move forward, she devised an initiatory journey through the stunning landscapes of the Drôme region in France. With Nans by her side, and under the watchful eye of the camera, they set off on a path strewn with beauty and soul-searching.

As they traversed the breathtaking mountainous trails, they encountered individuals who had also experienced the immeasurable pain of losing a child. These encounters served as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness and allowed Amande and Nans to share in the collective strength that comes from understanding and compassion. Each person they met offered a sincere and powerful testimony about their journey through grief, including the role of rituals, the struggle with isolation, and the transformative power of love and connection.

The profound and intimate conversations they had along the way formed the foundation of a film that sought to shed light on the universal experience of loss and the resilience of the human spirit. Amande’s raw and emotional journey, captured by Nans’ camera, became a testament to the power of healing and the courage it takes to choose life in the face of devastating loss.

To fund their project and share their film with a wider audience, Amande and Nans embarked on a series of 15 conferences called “Deuil et Renaissance” (Grief and Rebirth). The response was overwhelming, with numerous attendees showing their support. Simultaneously, they launched a crowdfunding campaign, which amassed an impressive number of donations, making it one of the most successful online fundraising efforts for a film.

This touching and inspiring story not only led to the creation of a deeply personal film but also inspired the team behind it to establish the “Mieux Traverser le Deuil” (Better Navigating Grief) association. Their goal was to develop a comprehensive digital platform that would provide resources, support, and guidance to all those experiencing grief and loss. Working in partnership with national organizations and local associations, the platform offers a wealth of multimedia content, including information on the grieving process, a directory of local support services, a grief-related bibliography, and a daily support group on Facebook.

Through their collaboration, Amande and Nans have created a powerful and hopeful testament to the human capacity for resilience and the transformative power of shared experiences. Their film and subsequent initiatives aim to provide comfort and guidance to individuals navigating the complexities of grief, ultimately helping them find their own paths toward healing and redefining life after loss 

III. Les voyages de Nans

Nans Thomassey is an adventurer and co-creator of the popular French television series “Nus et Culottés” (Naked and Barefoot). He has embarked on numerous thrilling journeys that have captivated audiences around the world. Here are some highlights of Nans’ incredible adventures.

Les différentes aventures de Nans

Nans Thomassey Compagne
Nans Thomassey Compagne
  • Nus et Culottés: Nans, along with his friend Mouts, has traveled across France and the world without money or clothes, relying on the generosity of strangers to fulfill their dreams. They have completed over forty challenges, including climbing mountains, exploring haunted castles, and reaching the summit of Mount Etna in Sicily. Nus et Culottés has become a beloved television series, inspiring viewers to embrace the spirit of adventure and human kindness.
  • Voyages en vélo couché: Nans has also undertaken bicycle tours on a recumbent bike, pedaling across various regions and countries. These journeys provide a unique perspective on the landscapes and cultures encountered along the way.
  • Exploration of French territories: Nans has explored the vast and diverse regions of France, from the picturesque countryside of Provence to the rugged beauty of Corsica. Through his travels, he has discovered hidden gems and met remarkable individuals who have enriched his understanding of his own country.

Nus et Culottés: la série documentaire avec Mouts

Nans’ most notable adventure is the creation of the documentary series “Nus et Culottés” alongside his friend and fellow traveler, Mouts. The series follows their journeys as they strip down to their bare essentials and rely on the kindness and hospitality of strangers to accomplish their objectives. The show has gained a significant following due to its unique approach to travel and its themes of human connection and trust.

Nans’ experiences and encounters during these journeys have provided him with profound insights into the human spirit and the power of embracing vulnerability. Through “Nus et Culottés,” Nans has inspired countless viewers to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world with a spirit of adventure and openness.

To learn more about Nans and his incredible journeys, you can visit the official website of “Nus et Culottés” or check out his profile on Wikipedia: Nans Thomassey Wikipedia. 

IV. Engagement écologique et durable de Nans

Nans Thomassey est non seulement connu pour sa série documentaire “Nus & Culottés”, mais aussi pour son engagement écologique et durable. Tout au long de sa carrière, Nans a cherché à sensibiliser les gens à la préservation de l’environnement et à trouver des solutions durables pour un avenir meilleur. Voici quelques-uns de ses projets et initiatives remarquables :

L’association de sensibilisation écologique créée par Nans

Nans Thomassey a cofondé une association de sensibilisation écologique, “Nature Propre”, alors qu’il était encore au lycée. L’objectif de cette association était d’enseigner aux enfants le respect de l’environnement et l’importance de prendre soin de la nature. Ce projet témoigne de son engagement précoce en faveur de la préservation de la planète et de son désir de transmettre sa passion aux générations futures.

Il a également créé le “Club écolo” à l’INSA de Toulouse, où il étudiait, pour encourager les étudiants à adopter des pratiques respectueuses de l’environnement. Le club organisait des opérations de nettoyage et diffusait chaque semaine des conseils pour réduire leur empreinte écologique.

La quête de solutions durables à travers le voyage

Après avoir obtenu son diplôme, Nans a entrepris un voyage à travers le continent américain en auto-stop pour découvrir des solutions durables pour un développement plus respectueux de l’environnement. Pendant dix mois, il a rencontré des acteurs du développement durable dans dix-sept pays, partageant leurs expériences et apprenant de nouvelles idées. Cette expérience l’a profondément marqué et a renforcé sa conviction que le changement durable est possible.

Son voyage a été documenté dans son livre intitulé “ÉcoAmerica : voyage en quête de solutions durables”. Dans ce livre, Nans partage ses découvertes et ses réflexions sur les différentes approches écologiques rencontrées tout au long de son périple.

Nans a réussi à combiner son amour du voyage avec son engagement pour l’écologie et la durabilité. Dans sa série documentaire “Nus & Culottés”, lui et son coéquipier Mouts partent à l’aventure sans argent ni biens matériels, reliant ainsi la notion de “dépouillement heureux” à la découverte de nouvelles cultures et de nouvelles façons de vivre en harmonie avec la nature.

Grâce à son travail, Nans Thomassey inspire de nombreuses personnes à prendre conscience de l’importance de préserver l’environnement et à chercher des solutions durables pour un avenir meilleur. Son engagement écologique et son amour du voyage font de lui un véritable défenseur de la planète.

V. Retour aux sources

Le retour de Nans dans sa région natale

After years of traveling and exploring different cultures, Nans Thomassey, one half of the popular travel duo “Nus & Culottés,” decided to return to his roots in the Haute-Marne region of France. Born in Chaumont, Nans felt a strong connection to his hometown and wanted to rediscover the beauty and inspiration it had to offer.

During his return, Nans embarked on a remarkable journey, walking through the landscapes and exploring the hidden gems of his homeland. He immersed himself in the local culture, reconnecting with the people and places that shaped his upbringing. This experience allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the richness and diversity of his region.

Le livre de photos et de poésie inspiré des contrées de Haute-Marne

Inspired by his journey and the breathtaking landscapes he encountered, Nans decided to create a book that would capture the essence of the Haute-Marne region. This book is a collection of stunning photographs and heartfelt poetry that beautifully portrays the natural beauty and cultural heritage of his homeland.

Through his lens, Nans captures the enchanting landscapes, from rolling hills to picturesque villages, showcasing the pristine beauty of the Haute-Marne. Combined with his poetic musings, the book offers a unique and intimate perspective on the region, inviting readers to appreciate its hidden treasures.

This project is not only a personal reflection for Nans but also a means to share his love for his region with others. The book serves as a testament to the remarkable beauty that can be found in unexpected places and the profound connections that can be formed when one explores their roots.

For those who have followed Nans Thomassey’s adventurous spirit and passion for travel, this book is a captivating journey that brings him closer to home. It is a celebration of the landscapes, traditions, and people that have shaped his identity and continue to inspire his wanderlust.

Through his return to the Haute-Marne region and the creation of this book, Nans Thomassey reminds us of the importance of appreciating and honoring our roots. It is a reminder that true discovery can happen not only in far-off lands but also in the familiar landscapes and communities we call home.

VI. Projets actuels

La web-série avec Milan Bihlmann

Nans Thomassey, along with Milan Bihlmann, is currently working on a web-series that focuses on promoting values of social and environmental importance. In this series, they travel across Occitanie, meeting and interviewing individuals, businesses, associations, and institutions that are actively engaged in collective dynamics surrounding social and environmental values. Through this web-series, Nans and Milan aim to showcase the efforts and initiatives of those working towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. By highlighting these inspiring stories, they hope to spark conversations and inspire others to take action in their own communities.

Rencontres et témoignages autour des valeurs sociales et environnementales

Nans Thomassey Compagne
Nans Thomassey Compagne

In addition to the web-series, Nans and Milan are passionate about meeting and interacting with individuals who are making a difference in their respective fields. Through their travels and encounters, they seek to gather stories and testimonies that exemplify the values of social and environmental responsibility. These meetings provide them with insights into the challenges and successes of those working towards a better world. By sharing these stories, Nans and Milan aim to create awareness and inspire others to contribute to positive change.

These ongoing projects not only reflect Nans Thomassey’s commitment to sustainable living but also his dedication to promoting social and environmental values through storytelling. Through his work, Nans encourages individuals and communities to come together, share their experiences, and take action towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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VII. Conclusion

L’impact de Nans Thomassey dans le monde du voyage et de l’écologie

Nans Thomassey est devenu une figure emblématique dans le monde du voyage alternatif et de l’écologie. Son approche du voyage sans argent ni vêtements a inspiré de nombreuses personnes à repenser leur façon de voyager et à remettre en question leur mode de vie. Grâce à son émission “Nus et Culottés” diffusée sur France 5, il a pu partager son aventure avec un large public et montrer que le dépouillement volontaire peut être source de richesse et de rencontres extraordinaires.

Son parcours a également joué un rôle important dans la sensibilisation aux enjeux environnementaux. En montrant comment voyager de manière éco-responsable et en mettant en avant des alternatives au tourisme de masse, il a contribué à promouvoir un mode de vie plus durable et respectueux de l’environnement.

Son parcours inspirant et son engagement pour un monde meilleur.

Le parcours de Nans Thomassey est véritablement inspirant. En quittant sa vie confortable d’ingénieur, il a choisi de suivre sa passion pour le voyage et l’aventure. Il a fait preuve de courage, de détermination et de créativité pour réaliser ses rêves et faire une différence dans le monde.

Son engagement pour un monde meilleur ne se limite pas au voyage et à l’écologie. Nans Thomassey est également impliqué dans des projets humanitaires et participe à des actions pour la préservation de l’environnement. Il utilise sa notoriété pour sensibiliser le public à ces enjeux et inciter les gens à agir.

En conclusion, Nans Thomassey a marqué le monde du voyage et de l’écologie par son approche unique et inspirante. Son parcours nous rappelle l’importance de suivre nos passions, de sortir de notre zone de confort et de faire des choix conscients pour préserver notre planète. Nous pouvons tous apprendre de son engagement et contribuer à un monde meilleur à notre façon.

Nans Thomassey Compagne