Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille: Ihre Rolle in der Serie

  • October 18, 2023

Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille: Introduction

Suzanne Somers is an American actress, author, and businesswoman who rose to fame through her role in the hit television series “Notre Belle Famille” (known as “Step by Step” in the English-speaking world). In this article, we will explore Somers’ career and her role in the beloved sitcom.

Who is Suzanne Somers?

Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille
Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille

Born on October 16, 1946, in San Bruno, California, Suzanne Somers began her acting career in the late 1960s. She gained widespread recognition and popularity in the 1970s for her role as Chrissy Snow in the hit television series “Three’s Company.” Somers’ comedic timing and infectious charm endeared her to audiences, making her a household name.

In addition to her successful acting career, Suzanne Somers has also ventured into other areas. She is a bestselling author, having published numerous books on health, beauty, and wellness. Somers is also a successful businesswoman, having launched her own line of beauty and skincare products.

Overview of the series Notre Belle Famille (Step by Step)

“Notre Belle Famille” (“Step by Step”) is a popular American sitcom that aired from 1991 to 1998. The series follows the lives of two single parents, Frank Lambert (played by Patrick Duffy) and Carol Foster (played by Suzanne Somers), who get married and merge their families. The blended family consists of Frank’s three children and Carol’s three children, creating a hilarious and heartwarming dynamic.

Suzanne Somers played the role of Carol Foster Lambert, the kind-hearted and nurturing stepmother. Carol’s character brought warmth and positivity to the show, often providing wise guidance to her stepchildren as they navigate the challenges of growing up in a blended family.

Throughout the series, Carol’s character evolves, from a single mother to a cherished and respected stepmother. Suzanne Somers’ portrayal of Carol resonated with audiences, as she brought a relatable and genuine charm to the role.

“Notre Belle Famille” was beloved for its humorous family dynamics, memorable cast, and heartwarming storytelling. It tackled various topics such as teenage angst, relationships, and family values, all with a lighthearted approach.

Suzanne Somers’ role in “Notre Belle Famille” was a significant contribution to the show’s success. Her character, Carol Lambert, embodied the essence of a loving and supportive stepmother, providing viewers with both comedic relief and heartfelt moments.

In conclusion, Suzanne Somers has made a lasting impact in the entertainment industry with her talent and influential roles. Her role as Carol Foster Lambert in “Notre Belle Famille” showcased her versatility as an actress and her ability to connect with audiences. Through her portrayal, Suzanne Somers brought warmth and relatability to a beloved sitcom that continues to be remembered and cherished by fans around the world.

Suzanne Somers as Chrissy Snow

Background and character introduction

Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille
Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille

Suzanne Somers gained widespread recognition for her role as Chrissy Snow in the popular sitcom “Notre Belle Famille” (originally titled “Three’s Company”). The show, which aired from 1977 to 1984, revolved around the comedic misadventures of Chrissy Snow and her two roommates, Jack and Janet.

Chrissy Snow was portrayed as a sweet and naive blonde bombshell who often found herself in humorous and awkward situations. Her character was known for her bubbly personality, hilarious one-liners, and undeniable charm. Somers brought an infectious energy to the role, making Chrissy a beloved character among viewers of all ages.

Impact and popularity of Chrissy Snow

Chrissy Snow quickly became one of the most memorable characters on “Notre Belle Famille,” capturing the hearts of millions of viewers. Her comedic timing and natural charisma made her a fan favorite. The character’s infectious laughter and endearing innocence added a unique dynamic to the show’s overall humor.

The popularity of Chrissy Snow extended beyond the small screen. She became an iconic representation of the 1970s and 1980s culture. Many young women idolized Chrissy’s playful and carefree nature, making her a style icon of the era. Her signature blonde curls and fashionable outfits inspired countless fashion trends.

In addition to her iconic role, Suzanne Somers’ portrayal of Chrissy Snow opened doors for her in the entertainment industry. She garnered critical acclaim and received multiple award nominations for her performance. Somers’ talent and comedic timing showcased her versatility as an actress, leaving a lasting impact on the sitcom genre.

The legacy of Chrissy Snow and “Notre Belle Famille” continues to live on through syndication and reruns. The show’s timeless humor and unforgettable characters, including Chrissy Snow, have earned it an enduring place in television history.

In conclusion, Suzanne Somers’ portrayal of Chrissy Snow in “Notre Belle Famille” left a lasting impression on audiences. Her lovable character, comedic brilliance, and undeniable charm turned Chrissy Snow into an icon of the sitcom genre. Somers’ talent and the popularity of Chrissy contributed to the show’s success and continue to entertain fans worldwide.

Suzanne Somers as Carol Foster Lambert

Transition from Three’s Company to Notre Belle Famille

Suzanne Somers is an American actress and author who is best known for her role as Carol Foster Lambert in the television series Notre Belle Famille (also known as Step by Step). Before joining the cast of Notre Belle Famille, Somers gained fame for her portrayal of Chrissy Snow in the hit sitcom Three’s Company. Her transition to the new series was met with mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

After leaving Three’s Company due to a contract dispute, Somers faced a challenging period in her career. However, her talent and charm soon caught the attention of producers who were looking for a lead actress for their new family-centered sitcom, Notre Belle Famille. Somers was cast as Carol Foster Lambert, a widowed mother of three who marries a divorced man and forms a blended family.

Success and lasting legacy of Carol Foster Lambert

Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille
Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille

In Notre Belle Famille, Suzanne Somers breathed life into the character of Carol Foster Lambert. Her portrayal of the loving, caring, and sometimes quirky stepmother resonated with audiences worldwide. Somers’ on-screen chemistry with her co-star Patrick Duffy, who played Frank Lambert, was a key element in the show’s success.

One of the reasons why Carol Foster Lambert became an iconic character was her relatability. As a stepmother navigating the challenges of raising a blended family, Carol captured the hearts of viewers who saw themselves or their loved ones in her struggles and triumphs. Her character’s journey of blending two families together resonated with audiences and showcased the importance of love, understanding, and compromise in family dynamics.

Notre Belle Famille enjoyed a successful run for seven seasons, from 1991 to 1998. Throughout its run, the show tackled various family-centric storylines, including sibling rivalries, teenage rebellion, and the ups and downs of married life. Suzanne Somers’ portrayal of Carol Foster Lambert played a crucial role in making the series a hit among audiences of all ages.

Even though Notre Belle Famille ended more than two decades ago, Suzanne Somers’ portrayal of Carol Foster Lambert continues to be remembered and cherished by fans. The character’s relatability and the positive messages conveyed by the show have contributed to its lasting legacy in the realm of family-centered sitcoms.

In conclusion, Suzanne Somers’ role as Carol Foster Lambert in Notre Belle Famille showcased her versatility as an actress and further solidified her place in the realm of television. Her transition from Three’s Company to Notre Belle Famille was a bold move that ultimately paid off, as the show enjoyed great success during its run. Today, Carol Foster Lambert remains an iconic character who continues to inspire viewers with her warmth, compassion, and dedication to her blended family. 

Suzanne Somers’ Contribution to the Series

Importance of Suzanne Somers’ role in the success of the show

Suzanne Somers played a vital role in the success of the popular television series. Her character, Chrissy Snow, brought a unique energy and comedic timing that resonated with audiences and helped to elevate the show’s popularity. With her blonde bombshell charm and quick wit, Suzanne Somers became an iconic figure in 1970s television.

One of the key reasons for Suzanne Somers’ importance to the show’s success was her ability to bring comedy to the forefront. Her character, Chrissy, was known for her hilarious misunderstandings and ditzy behavior, which provided constant laughter for viewers. Her comedic timing and natural ability to deliver punchlines made her a standout in the ensemble cast.

Furthermore, Suzanne Somers’ portrayal of Chrissy Snow brought a sense of relatability to the show. Chrissy’s naivety and innocence made her a lovable and endearing character. Audiences could easily connect with her and root for her in various situations. Suzanne Somers’ ability to bring depth and authenticity to Chrissy’s character helped to create a strong emotional connection between viewers and the show.

Suzanne Somers’ influence on the character dynamics

In addition to her comedic prowess, Suzanne Somers’ presence on the show had a significant impact on the dynamics between the main characters. Chrissy’s interactions with her roommates, Janet and Jack, provided the show with a delightful and entertaining dynamic.

Chrissy’s friendship with Janet, played by Joyce DeWitt, was a central part of the show. Their contrasting personalities created a perfect comedic balance. While Janet was more level-headed and responsible, Chrissy’s carefree nature often led to hilarious misunderstandings and humorous exchanges between the two characters. The chemistry between Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt was evident on screen and contributed to the overall success of the show.

Suzanne Somers’ character also had a significant influence on the relationship between Chrissy and Jack, played by John Ritter. Chrissy’s innocence and trusting nature led to amusing situations and misunderstandings between her and Jack. Their playful banter and comedic timing provided viewers with many memorable moments throughout the series.

Overall, Suzanne Somers’ contribution to the character dynamics of the show was invaluable. Her ability to bring laughter, relatability, and strong chemistry with her co-stars made her portrayal of Chrissy Snow an integral part of the show’s success.

In conclusion, Suzanne Somers’ role in the series was pivotal to its success. Her comedic talent, relatability, and influence on the character dynamics helped to create a memorable and beloved television show. Suzanne Somers’ impact on the series continues to be appreciated by fans and serves as a testament to her lasting legacy in the world of television. 


Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille
Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille

After a long and successful career in Hollywood, Suzanne Somers made a lasting impact on television with her role in the beloved series “Notre Belle Famille.” Her portrayal of the character Caroline Lambert not only showcased her acting talent but also endeared her to audiences around the world.

Suzanne Somers’ lasting impact on television

Suzanne Somers’ involvement in “Notre Belle Famille” marked a significant moment in television history. Her character, Caroline Lambert, was a relatable and dynamic figure who brought humor, heart, and authenticity to the show. As a successful businesswoman and loving mother, Caroline resonated with viewers who admired her strength, resilience, and dedication to her family.

Throughout the series’ run, Suzanne Somers’ character faced various challenges and triumphs, tackling important topics such as work-life balance, relationships, and personal growth. Her portrayal was praised for its depth and vulnerability, as she brought a realistic and relatable portrayal of a modern woman to the small screen.

Fond memories of Suzanne Somers in Notre Belle Famille

Suzanne Somers’ performance in “Notre Belle Famille” left a lasting impression on both fans and colleagues. Her on-screen chemistry with the rest of the cast, particularly Patrick Duffy, who played her on-screen husband, created a dynamic and captivating family dynamic that drew viewers in week after week.

Audiences fondly remember the heartwarming and humorous moments that Suzanne Somers brought to the show. Her comedic timing and ability to deliver both funny and heartfelt lines endeared her to viewers of all ages. Whether it was a lighthearted story arc or a more emotional episode, Somers’ talent shined through, leaving a lasting impact on the legacy of “Notre Belle Famille.”

Beyond her performance, Suzanne Somers also left her mark through her dedication and professionalism on set. Cast members and crew alike have shared fond memories of working with her, noting her kindness, positive energy, and commitment to creating a collaborative and supportive environment.

In conclusion, Suzanne Somers’ role in “Notre Belle Famille” showcased her talent as an actress and left a lasting impact on the television industry. Her portrayal of Caroline Lambert brought humor, heart, and relatability to audiences around the world. Fans continue to hold fond memories of Suzanne Somers in the beloved series, cherishing the joy and entertainment she brought to their screens. 

Suzanne Somers Notre Belle Famille